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Melissa Trade

Our company provides comprehensive services for the organization of transportation and delivery of goods. The company covers most states of the Persian Gulf, China (Ningbo, Shanghai), Mediterranean Region (Riga, Istanbul).

MELISSA TRADE specializes in providing services for our clients in trading stocks and bonds, and also helps to select the best investment projects.

In addition to this, Melissa Trade also specializes in managing projects focused on new products’ market entry in the international markets, and for these purposes Melissa Trade:

  • Continuously monitors the transport and storage supply chain for each client;

  • Develops an optimum solution of transport and transit policy for each client;

  • Solves logistical problems of any complexity;

  • Promptly resolves all issues related to transportation, transit, shipment and storage of goods, including perishable goods.


Melissa Trade guarantees its customers a reliable and timely delivery of goods, and individual approach to the client's problems - we will consider all suggestions, hearken to all the details and promptly correct the transportation of any force majeure.


Multimodal transportation

We choose different types of transportation modes with the best possible route plan in the mind and the origin location where goods are held. This route is planned and organized so that the product is delivered as quickly as possible, is more conveniently and safely delivered. We also take into account the customs and other legislation of the countries of passage and destination of the consignment.

Air freight

Melissa Trade, in collaboration with its partners, provides a wide range of services for cargo transportation - delivery of cargo from / to the airport including customs clearance of goods, packaging, weighing, labeling items, loading to and unloading from the plane, transportation of perishable goods and live animals, arranging cargo insurance as well as tracking and reporting on real time status during the entire process.

Sea freight

UAE is one of the leading nations in the region when it comes to sea freight. The country has several major ports and is strategically located to serve vast markets. Through-established technologies, load times in the ports are very improved and goods can be effectively sent to its destination with no delay. Melissa Trade uses all available services in these ports and serves its clients with upmost service.

Cargo consolidation and warehousing

Our warehouses are designed for storing various products, and for each type of product we observe a certain temperature, and perform all the special requirements for storage. Before cargo transportation goods are carefully packed at the warehouses in accordance with the applicable rules and we ensure goods’ safety during the entire delivery process.

Optimization of logistics paths

For all customers who regularly carry out transportation of goods from remote regions Melissa Trade is ready to offer both the direct transport of goods, and the development of multi-modal delivery schemes i.e. delivery in stages by different modes of transport and minimize costs as much as possible – for instance, we can deliver your goods to the port by sea, and then use air freight to get the goods to the final destination.

Cargo handling

Our company guarantees its clients efficient and reliable processing of goods. We work only with qualified personnel, using modern technologies in the field of international transportation.

Wholesale Trade

Melissa Trade is a company providing production and wholesale trading of construction materials, electrical equipment as well as electronic products. We work only with reliable manufacturers worldwide. We always have stock of products for our valuable customers. The storage warehouses of our company are located all over the world. The company management always keeps up with the timeframe and try to ensure that objects and trading network of innovative, high-quality building materials suitable for a particular project of our clients.

Charter flights

We are engaged in organizing a charter flight on an individual route. On board the executive class airplanes there is a telephone connection and the Internet, which allows you to monitor your business regardless of location. We are ready to provide practically any aircraft available in the world fleet of business aircraft.

Fresh flowers

Our flowers are harvested fresh each morning and typically delivered to you the same day. By providing our flowers with fresh, clean water they should last over a week in the vase. They are pesticide-free and safe for all family members (2 and 4-legged). The offerings change with each week, month and season. Our season begins with daffodils in the spring and ends with dahlias in the fall, with all sorts of loveliness in between.

Medical equipment

Melissa Trade - your reliable partner in professional solutions of complex projects and high-technology medical equipment supply. We provide full range of medical and technological equipment for hospital worldwide.

Supply of petroleum products

Melissa Trade is one of the world's independent oil and petroleum product traders. We carry out wholesale trade in gasoline, fuel oil, diesel fuel. We have extensive logistics and warehousing capabilities around the world. Our experience allows us to offer our customers the best routes and good conditions.

Melissa Trade is also engaged in the wholesale trade of malt

Light barley malt is the basis of any beer made from barley malt. This type of malt is produced from high-quality barley of European selection, which, together with strict control at each stage of production, allows us to obtain a high-quality end product. Vienna malt - the use of this type of malt allows you to give the beer a richer golden color and aroma. During the production of Vienna malt, drying takes place at higher temperatures than pale malt, which affects its quality indicators, namely color. Roasted Malt To obtain very dark beer, small additions of roasted malt are often used. It should be added no more than 1%, otherwise the beer will very soon acquire an unpleasant burnt aftertaste. Caramel malt - used in brewing to give a certain color to beer, as well as a rich malt flavor and aroma.


Electrical equipment

Melissa Trade provides wholesale trading of electrical equipment. We offer a wide range of products of the leading brands. Our extensive experience, as well as highly qualified specialists guarantee high quality of products and fast order processing.

Electronic equipment

Melissa Trade always helps to choose electronic, as well as communication equipment and components for them. A wide range of items in the warehouse is able to satisfy requests of the most demanding customers quickly and promptly. You can easily choose the most innovative and high-quality equipment as soon as possible.

Construction equipment

Melissa Trade provides wholesale trading of construction equipment. We provide any volumes of deliveries of equipment and materials for construction and installation work, as well as geopolymer materials URETEK, Georesin European production for injection work in construction. In addition, specialists of our company help to choose particular items for specific consumer’s requests.

"Mobile payment systems" LLC (brand PayMob) is a part of CCT group - one of the leading European software developers of innovative IT solutions for the banking and financial sector. The company develops an easy-to-use and high-tech product that meets all the requirements of international standards for the security of electronic payments.


The most precious thing we can give to our customers is - Time!

We take care of your tasks, while you relax and have peace in mind!